Co-op allows students to explore and exercise their passions – just ask Erin Grace, a human geography student working as Project Coordinator for the First Nations Fisheries Council (FNFC).

Through Arts Co-op, Kelly Chen has discovered and developed her professional passion in video marketing.

Diana can’t say her “BA alone would have prepared her for the workplace – I certainly wouldn’t have the job I do now without Arts Co-op.”

Helen’s remarkable work terms with Playwrights Theatre and Library and Archives Canada earned her the 2012 SLAIS MAS Student of the Year and 2011 SLAIS MAS Honourable Mention, respectively.

Arts Co-op alumna Alexa Evans asserts that the work experiences, transferable skills, and networks she developed through co-op are integral to her current position as Research Assistant at the Bank of Canada.

Grant’s work with Teck Resources’ Records Management Team and Corporate Library was described by his supervisor as being “thorough and outstanding,” demonstrating his determination and passion to succeed in the workplace. For that, he earned the 2014 iSchool MAS Co-op Student of the Year.

Josephine was received an Honourable Mention for the 2015 Arts Co-op Student of the Year Award for her work term at Canadian Literature. As the Editorial Assistant, she worked closely with editors to assemble 4 issues of the journal.

This year, Dr. Jon Newell became the first PhD student to graduate with a co-op designation at UBC, blazing a trail for future students looking to explore their professional potential during a PhD.

Laura’s co-op work terms – at Arts Umbrella, the UBC Arts Co-op Program, and Western Economic Diversification – were only a stepping stone in discovering her true passions.

Sheena says “it was my co-op experiences, and the skills I gained in them, combined with my academic background which helped me achieve my dream of working for the United Nations.”