Through co-op, Victor learned about his passions and gained valuable work experience in his field of geography.

Through his “eye-opening” work term at Ericsson, he has gained an important new outlook on both the obvious and more subtle differences between school and work.

Tsui’s work experience as a Gallery Interpreter Information Coordinator at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology (Drumheller, Alberta) was one of her most “gratifying, enriching, and enjoyable experiences in [her] life.”

Jessica Woolman went into co-op wanting to dabble in as many areas as she could, and her experiences helped her choose what work she found the most satisfying.

Daniel made a significant contribution to the Arts Club Theatre Company as an Archivist, where he applied his knowledge in Archival Studies to successfully create and launch an online archive showcasing 50 years of the company’s productions. “A [co-op] work term [can] be a life changing experience”, shares Daniel.

Azar would “fully recommend the Arts Co-op Program at UBC. The staff is excellent and very helpful, the job postings are challenging and relevant, and the continual networking opportunities will last many years down the road towards a successful career after graduation.”

Clara’s co-op terms have given her the confidence to say, “When I graduate, I think I will not only have the necessary knowledge to begin my career, but I will also have the experience required to carry myself properly in the workplace.”

Stephanie understands “how important it is to try out different things, even if it’s not your dream job. Co-op gives you the opportunity to learn a variety of transferable skills that will help you get jobs in the future.”

Kelsey’s work terms at the Disabled Sailing Association, United Way, National University of Singapore, and UBC helped her land a great job immediately after graduation, not to mention the 2009-2010 Arts Co-op Student of the Year award.

As a result of her co-op term, Danielle notes that she is a step ahead in terms of reaching her career goals: “My co-op undoubtedly provided me with an opportunity to explore my interest in collections and technical services, opened doors for further work opportunities, and propelled me forward on my career path.”