Archival Studies

Through co-op, Jessica was able to pave the way to her current position, gaining what she calls “invaluable experiences” each step along the way.

Allison is our 2017/2018 iSchool (SLAIS) MAS Co-op Student of the Year, honoured for their work term with the Digitized Okanagan History (DOH) project at UBC Okanagan. Allison feels that their co-op experience has helped to sharpen focus in their academic studies and they look forward to bringing these skills with them in future work.

Connecting with professionals in her field has been invaluable because she is able to “hear about others’ career pathways and the kind of work they do at the university, offering some perspective on the information field.”

The co-op program gave Susanne an opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge she gained in her studies into practice in both the private sector and in government, leading to a full time job upon graduation. Susanne believes that “it is important to be able to make the connection between theory and practice before you finish a school program as it prepares you for the reality of working in your chosen field and shortens the learning curve when you are hired.”

Sarah Rathjen won the 2010 SLAIS Student Of the Year (Master of Archival Studies) due to her outstanding achievement in all aspects of student performance, including academics, the  workplace, and professional and community involvement. Her work term at Royal BC Museum in Victoria illustrates how co-op played a role in bridging her academics and career development.

In 2015, Paige Hohmann won the iSchool (SLAIS) MAS Co-op Student of the Year for her outstanding work term with UBC Okanagan Library, Okanagan Special Collections.

During her co-op term at the Washington State Archives, Kelly came across a report that “validated the importance of archival theory and was a glorious demonstration of how theory gets applied in real life.”

Jennifer has received two things in tandem from Co-op: confirmation that she has chosen the right career path in records management, and a job offer from BC Hydro.

Co-op has helped Dan gain career-related work experience, a deeper understanding of his SLAIS classes, and even a substantial scholarship based on an essay written about his work term experience.

Congratulations to Jennette Chalcraft, our MAS Co-op Student of the Year for 2017! Jennette has been recognized for impressive work term at Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), and for her substantial engagements in the library community at UBC and beyond.