Library & Information Studies

Emily is our 2017/2018 iSchool (SLAIS) MLIS Co-op Student of the Year, honoured for her work term with the UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library’s Community Engagement team. Emily is extremely excited about a future in which libraries can help communities by dismantling barriers to information access.

Allison is our 2017/2018 iSchool (SLAIS) MAS Co-op Student of the Year, honoured for their work term with the Digitized Okanagan History (DOH) project at UBC Okanagan. Allison feels that their co-op experience has helped to sharpen focus in their academic studies and they look forward to bringing these skills with them in future work.

Andrea had the opportunity to apply her academic knowledge of community librarianship to her workplace, by prioritizing patron needs and ensuring that libraries are accessible, relevant, and helpful to the community.

Connecting with professionals in her field has been invaluable because she is able to “hear about others’ career pathways and the kind of work they do at the university, offering some perspective on the information field.”

During her work term, Susan found everything she was looking for at the North Vancouver District Public Library. Her work term was a great blend of working the Adults and Children’s reference desks, organizing and conducting story time sessions with children and their families, and pursuing important and unique projects for the library.

Working at the BC Health Society in Riverview Hospital, Morgan says, “This work experience has absolutely cemented my desire to work in the health care field. I knew I would enjoy it, but now I know I can excel at it and I have the confidence to pursue this particular branch of librarianship.”

According to Maria, her work term at the library of Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc. “[made her] more confident when pursuing a career as an information professional in the near future as a new grad.”

Through her unique Co-op term at UBC, Lina has been able to connect theory with practice, two elements that are crucial to achieving workplace success.

Lindsay worked as the Public Services Coordinator for Whistler Public Library, a work term she recalls as “fantastic” and her “most formative experience” so far.

Meghan’s supervisor, Sophie Middleton, remarks that Meghan’s greatest contribution to the camp “was her ability to innovate, streamline and create efficiencies in the existing processes. She saw areas for improvement in many of our practices and implemented new and better ways to achieve our goals.”