Library & Information Studies

Agathe Holowatinc’s Co-op work term as an Assistant Reference Librarian at the Health Canada Departmental Library confirmed her appreciation of librarianship and showed her how rewarding and enjoyable this profession could be.

The Arts Co-op Program is thrilled to recognize Kristina McGuirk as our UBC iSchool (SLAIS) Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) 2017 Student of the Year! Kristina has won distinction based on her tremendous performance at BGC Engineering and commitment to personal development.

Congratulations to Jennette Chalcraft, our MAS Co-op Student of the Year for 2017! Jennette has been recognized for impressive work term at Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), and for her substantial engagements in the library community at UBC and beyond.

Helen’s remarkable work terms with Playwrights Theatre and Library and Archives Canada earned her the 2012 SLAIS MAS Student of the Year and 2011 SLAIS MAS Honourable Mention, respectively.

Jessica Woolman went into co-op wanting to dabble in as many areas as she could, and her experiences helped her choose what work she found the most satisfying.

As a result of her co-op term, Danielle notes that she is a step ahead in terms of reaching her career goals: “My co-op undoubtedly provided me with an opportunity to explore my interest in collections and technical services, opened doors for further work opportunities, and propelled me forward on my career path.”

Simon was honoured as the 2016 iSchool MLIS co-op student of the year for his work term with McBride and District Public Library as the Student Intern – Library Promotions & Archival Assistant. In this role, Simon was responsible for facilitating the relationship between the local community and the library.

Jennette received an honourable mention for the 2016 iSchool MLIS Co-op Student of the Year Award. As the Summer Intern Librarian at BGC Engineering, she spent most of her time in library operations, assisting with reference and cataloguing services.