Visual Arts

The archival preservation techniques and database management tools that Aaron learned during his Co-op work term will be transferrable to other roles as he continues to pursue his passion of museum work.

A student in the visual arts, Ting found that her design skills were a great asset to her resume. UBC Arts Co-op led her to communications-related jobs, a field she now finds interesting and rewarding.

Rie connected her academics to her co-op terms and gained the experiences and skills to give her a head start after she graduates.

Josephine was received an Honourable Mention for the 2015 Arts Co-op Student of the Year Award for her work term at Canadian Literature. As the Editorial Assistant, she worked closely with editors to assemble 4 issues of the journal.

Two of Phil Casey’s former Co-op employers have made unofficial offers to have Phil return to them post-graduation. That’s probably at least partly why Phil says that “doing a Co-op degree was the smartest choice I made at UBC!”