Undergrad Student of the Year

Above: UBC Arts Co-op student Alex Chen, awarded Canada’s top co-op student in 2013

The annual award recognizes outstanding achievement in all aspects of the Arts Co-op student’s performance, including academic achievement, job achievement/employer evaluation, personal statement, contribution to co-operative education, and contribution to extra-curricular activities. The awards will be given by the Associate Dean of Arts, Student Success, based on the advice of the Arts Co-op Advisory Committee.

Thanks to private donations to the Arts Co-op Program, we are able to offer an award for the Arts Co-op Student of the Year. The award is worth $1000 and will be noted on the recipient’s UBC transcript.

In addition, the Arts Co-op Student of the Year award recipient will be nominated for the CAFCE (Canadian Association for Cooperative Education) and/or ACE (Association of Cooperative Education, BC & Yukon) Student of the Year awards, which are national and provincial competitions.

2019 Arts Co-op Undergraduate Student of the Year Award

Applications are now closed for the 2019 Student of the Year Award.

If you’re interested in applying next year, please read through last year’s Award Criteria for reference.

Last year, Bashara Hussain was awarded the 2019 Undergraduate Student of the Year

Award for her work term with the BC Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology. Read her story here.