BC Hydro

Simon credits both his classes and co-op for preparing him for the workplace. His Sociology background, coupled with the experience and skills gained through his co-op work terms, gave him the confidence to relocate and find work in a new country post-graduation.

Jennifer has received two things in tandem from Co-op: confirmation that she has chosen the right career path in records management, and a job offer from BC Hydro.

When Grace Mok first joined Co-op, she didn’t know what she wanted to do except for banking, but was open to all options presented to her. This path of trial and error eventually helped her narrow down her Economics major and Commerce minor to a career in Accounting, specializing in Corporate Internal Control and Financial Policy, as an Internal Control Specialist with BC Hydro.

“Joining the Co-op program was one of the best decisions that I made as an undergrad,” says Jouel. “Not only did I have marketable skills from my university education after I graduated, I also had the work experience to back them up when I entered the work force.”

Emily will always remember being, “the first co-op student to translate industry profiles for public access on the internet” at Employment and Social Development Canada.