UBC Okanagan

Allison is our 2017/2018 iSchool (SLAIS) MAS Co-op Student of the Year, honoured for their work term with the Digitized Okanagan History (DOH) project at UBC Okanagan. Allison feels that their co-op experience has helped to sharpen focus in their academic studies and they look forward to bringing these skills with them in future work.

In 2015, Paige Hohmann won the iSchool (SLAIS) MAS Co-op Student of the Year for her outstanding work term with UBC Okanagan Library, Okanagan Special Collections.

Lara – 2016’s iSchool MAS co-op student of the year – was honoured for her work term as Archives Project Assistant for UBC Okanagan Campus Library, Special Collections and Archives. One of her main responsibilities was to finalize “workflows for ingesting digitized collections into a shared online repository.”