UBC Employers

For UBC employers, follow the steps below to complete your co-op hiring.

For general information about hiring student workers at UBC, including co-op students, visit UBC HR’s website.

Review the UBC Student Appointment Form. Please note that this form contains more fields than a typical Staff Appointment Form and you may need to collect additional information to properly complete it.

Fill out the UBC Student Appointment Form with the information you have gathered. This is the only paperwork that needs to be submitted (an offer letter is not required to submit the form). Should you need assistance, visit this Help page for detailed information on how to fill out the fields on the form.

In regards to vacation pay and additional benefits, please note that UBC Payroll will automatically add the appropriate percentage (usually 4% — check with your UBC Payroll representative) to the amount indicated on the Student Appointment Form. This should be indicated on the job posting. If you would like to pay a set dollar amount per month, then please calculate the dollar amount you’d like to pay minus the percentage in lieu of vacation pay and additional benefits.

Students are not entitled to health benefits through UBC Payroll. Unless they decided to opt out, they should have health and dental coverage through the UBC AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan

Some forms need to go to central UBC Human Resources while others go to UBC Payroll directly. Consult the Help page to see where the form needs to be submitted once completed.

Have the student fill out and submit a Direct Deposit form to UBC Payroll.

Two weeks after submitting the form or before the next pay cycle, manually verify that the student has been added to UBC’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS) as you will not receive an automated email from UBC Payroll regarding this.

Should you have additional questions regarding student appointments, please contact your UBC Payroll representative.