Reddit “Ask Me Anything”

Wednesday September 14, 2022
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Arts Co-op is hosting our first “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit on September 14 on r/UBC.

Current Arts Co-op students and students considering Arts Co-op are invited to ask us questions about the Arts Co-op experience – from applications, to finding positions, support, career prospects, and more.

A diverse group of people from the Arts Co-op community will be there to answer your questions, including Arts Co-op Career Educators, current students, and alumni who have graduated from the Arts Co-op program.

The AMA post is open for questions on r/UBC on September 12–14. Questions will be answered live on September 14, 11:30am–1pm.


Bio: I recently joined the Arts Co-op Program as the Indigenous Co-op Coordinator in February of 2022. My job is to work on Indigenous initiatives within the program and to make the program more accessible to Indigenous students. I am available to Indigenous students as an additional support to their assigned Co-op Career Educator. As one of my first changes to the program, I ushered in our new admission policy for Indigenous students.

Ask me about: Co-op timelines, types of employers, funding concerns, application support, our new admission policy for Indigenous students

Bio: I've spent the past three years in the Arts Co-op Program, from the Program Assistant where I supported the co-op job cycle (job postings, interviews, offers) to one of the Co-op Career Educators advising co-op students in their co-op journeys. I coach and advise students on how to translate their degree and the transferable skills they have gained into meaningful career opportunities.

Ask me about: How co-op works, what kinds of employers to expect, support for the co-op job search, the co-op application process, the co-op hiring process, how to succeed in co-op

Major: International Relations + Master of Management

Bio: I'm originally from Toronto, ON, and I've completed co-op terms at Union Gospel Mission on the Downtown Eastside, in addition to Manulife Investment Management. Upon graduation, I look forward to pursuing a career in finance and using the skills that I have learned on my co-op terms.

Ask me about: My co-op experience; balancing classes, extra-curriculars and co-op; Arts Co-op Students' Association (ACSA); leveraging co-op skills across different industries

Major/Minor: Sciences Po major in Political Humanities, minor in International Relations; UBC major in International Relations, minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice.

Bio: Hi! I'm a 5th year student in the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree. I completed my first BA at Sciences Po in France, where I studied Political Humanities. At UBC, I'm majoring in International Relations with a minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice. I completed two co-op terms with the UBC Arts Co-op Office as a Student Advisor and recently completed my final work term with Global Affairs Canada as a Junior Desk Officer, Egypt & Maghreb division. My career interests revolve around the intersection of the public and private sector in strategic policy work with a public-facing aspect, where I can see my actions having direct impact

Ask me about: Working for UBC or the Canadian federal government, the job search process, balancing search term commitments, remote work terms, or anything else!

Major: Double Major in International Relations and Political Science

Bio: I'm interested in pursuing a career in Global Policy and Sustainability through Law. I recently completed my third co-op term on Policy and First Nations Engagement with the BC Ministry of Forests and I'm excited to share any insight into provincial government applications, what policy work looks like, and how to make the most out of a co-op term.

I started my co-op journey working with the UBC Arts Co-op office. From my 8-month term, my highlights are the transferable skills and experiences I was able to develop, including Excel, public speaking, problem solving, analysis, and research - all of which helped me to land my most recent position.

Ask me about: Working for the government as an international student, my co-op experiences (provincial government applications, working for UBC), my career interests (law, sustainability, policy, First Nations engagement), how to start gaining relevant experiences prior to your first co-op applications, starting your job search, benefits of co-op, and application tips.

Major/Minor: Psychology / Law & Society

Bio: My career interests include user experience research and mental health. My first co-op position was at the UBC Emerging Media Lab as a Learning Technology Rover, and for my second term, I pursued the Arts Entrepreneurship Co-op program to work on my social venture to create a mental health app. My final two terms were at WorkSafeBC as an Experience & Insights Co-op student. After graduating in November 2021, I briefly worked at the UBC Arts Co-op Office as a Program Assistant, and I’m currently a UX Researcher at the software development firm Architech.

Ask me about: My co-op experiences, navigating co-op as an international student