Vanessa learned to multitask and remain flexible in her dynamic position with UBC International Student Initiative.

As a Business Programs Assistant, Prerna was able to expand upon her classroom learnings in Economics and International Relations at the workplace.

Cassandra’s role with UBC Safety & Risk Management allowed her to consider a new career path in emergency management that she can utilize with her studies in Geography.

Throughout his co-op terms, Jason was able to improve his data analysis skills with hands-on experience in solving business problems, providing him with inside access to the public research industry post-graduation.

Not only did Stephanie’s co-op positions help validate that she wanted to pursue a career involving coaching others, they also gave her a portfolio of credible experiences to draw upon long after graduation.

All of June Wong’s Co-op experiences have taught her how to find information when she needs it, how to talk to people and how to network and ask for references.

As a person who has always been interested in Psychology, Vicki’s academic studies were integral to her current career path. Yet the real-world applications of her classes weren’t immediately clear. She says that Co-op helped clarify her trajectory: the program helps students figure out “how the knowledge you gain from school can be applied in a work setting.”

From re-designing and maintaining the Internal Audit group’s intranet web site with Workers Compensation Board of BC (now WorkSafe BC), to promoting visual and performing art programs at Arts Umbrella, Myomi Chu’s wide variety of experiences have added to her depth of skills.

Through co-op, Joy explored work in different fields and discovered what she likes and dislikes and learned that her BA degree with a major in Music is a key for opportunities outside of the Music field as well.

Though a long time avid sports enthusiast, Jeffrey says his Co-op work term with Jet Set Sports during the 2010 Winter Olympics & Paralympic in Vancouver truly “sparked his passion” for sports and tourism industry.