Not only did Stephanie’s co-op positions help validate that she wanted to pursue a career involving coaching others, they also gave her a portfolio of credible experiences to draw upon long after graduation.

What Mike truly remembers from this position with the BC Ministry of Environment is presenting to his colleagues information about climate change; an exciting and intimidating experience as most of his audience had graduate degrees in relevant scientific disciplines and he was presenting highly technical information.

Though a long time avid sports enthusiast, Jeffrey says his Co-op work term with Jet Set Sports during the 2010 Winter Olympics & Paralympic in Vancouver truly “sparked his passion” for sports and tourism industry.

By working at the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, Hiva says she is starting to visualize the career path she hopes to pursue.

Jeanie Lai says, “The co-op program has opened my eyes to the boundless number of jobs in our workplace, wherever they are, and the variety of positions an Arts student is capable of excelling in.”

In her position as a Head Guide at Juno Beach Centre in France, Annika had already given one D-Day Nurse educational presentation and several beach tours to French schoolchildren, which she found to be a positive experience.

Amber Dukart received an honourable mention for the 2015 Arts Co-op Undergraduate Student of the Year Award. Amber was recognized for her work term at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden as the Program Assistant who, among other things, coordinated the Enchanted Evenings Concert Series.

Clara’s co-op terms have given her the confidence to say, “When I graduate, I think I will not only have the necessary knowledge to begin my career, but I will also have the experience required to carry myself properly in the workplace.”

Emily will always remember being, “the first co-op student to translate industry profiles for public access on the internet” at Employment and Social Development Canada.