Jiejun was able to gain experience and confidence in her place in the theatre world through her experiences with Arts Umbrella and Theatre Replacement.

As the UBC Thunderbirds Social Media Coordinator, Amanda has had the opportunity to embark into a new field of sports journalism that has enhanced her writing abilities.

Crystal’s Co-op experiences allowed her to foster her passion for digital user experience, which helped her land her dream job as a Content Strategist at Facebook.

To Tina, her co-op experience has been “both a cultural and professional learning experience” – an opportunity to build her skills in social work while making a positive difference in the Indigenous community.

Jeanie Lai says, “The co-op program has opened my eyes to the boundless number of jobs in our workplace, wherever they are, and the variety of positions an Arts student is capable of excelling in.”

In her position as a Head Guide at Juno Beach Centre in France, Annika had already given one D-Day Nurse educational presentation and several beach tours to French schoolchildren, which she found to be a positive experience.

With a boosted skill set that now includes project management, leadership, and volunteer coordination experience, Carolyn has what it takes to get ahead of the increasingly competitive post-grad job market. What’s more, she says, “My resume is much more impressive than it would have been without co-op and I have solid work samples that I can show potential employers.”

Through Arts Co-op, English Language and Literature major Tina Yu is making a positive impact while exploring her dream career in social work during her co-op term at the Squamish Nation.

This year, Dr. Jon Newell became the first PhD student to graduate with a co-op designation at UBC, blazing a trail for future students looking to explore their professional potential during a PhD.

Rebecca Peng was honoured as the 2016 Arts Co-op Undergraduate Student of the Year for her work term at PHEMI Systems, where her supervisor commended her as “the best marketing co-op student” she had worked with.