The UBC Arts Co-op Program consistently delivers the highest caliber students for employers looking to expand their workforce for special projects or peak periods.

The UBC Arts Co-op Program welcomes, respects, and includes students with multiple and diverse backgrounds and identities, and seeks partnerships with workplaces that empower all members of the community. Our students have worked in private businesses, non-profit organizations, and the public sector for employers across Canada and around the world.

Why Hire UBC Arts Co-op Students?

Employer Feedback

96% are very satisfied or satisfied


99% would recommend our program to other organizations in their field


99% would hire another student from UBC Arts Co-op in the future

Our program makes a substantial investment to prepare students for success in the workplace. Here are five more reasons to hire a UBC Arts Co-op student:

1. Get Work Done

Co-op students offer a low-risk, cost-effective way to complete special projects and support peak work periods. Students are available year-round for four or eight-month work terms.

2. Access Pre-Screened Candidates

We pre-screen candidates, so you have access to consistently high quality applications. We prepare our students for workplace success with the most rigorous selection process and intensive pre-employment training of any co-op program in BC.

3. Recruit With Ease

We work with you on your hiring timelines, not ours. Our process is flexible, allowing you to set your own deadlines for applications and offers. We can adapt to match your timelines throughout the recruitment process, even if they come from other schools with a ranking system.

4. Feed Your Talent Pipeline

Working with co-op students on a short-term basis is a low risk way to find star employees to hire after graduation. You can assess students’ skill sets and test for cultural fit throughout the co-op term; it’s almost like a four or eight-month interview.

5. Tap Into Our Services & Support

We support your recruitment process by promoting your jobs, coordinating interview schedules, and providing on-campus interview rooms if needed – all at no cost. Once students are on their work terms, we also support their success in the workplace through guidance and midterm site visits

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