Hiring for Diversity

The UBC Arts Co-op Program welcomes, respects, and includes students with multiple and diverse backgrounds and identities, and seeks partnerships with workplaces that empower all members of the community.

Students from diverse backgrounds can make a positive difference to your organization, by contributing valuable perspectives, lived experiences and unique strengths.

It’s important to recognize that there are students who regularly experience marginalization during the job search process and face several systematic barriers in workplaces.

Employer Resources

We’re here to support employers in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace for co-op students, whether you’re just starting the journey or looking to enhance current practices.

The following resources on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) provide a starting point, after which we encourage you to connect with your HR department, institutional EDI leadership, or professional association for further guidance.

If you’re encountering challenges with providing support or accommodations to your co-op student, please reach out to us at arts.co-op@ubc.ca.

Toolkit for Hiring Students from International Pathways

  • Benefits of working with Students From International Pathways (SFIP)
  • 6 tools to create a barrier-free hiring process and to support the successful onboarding of SFIPs
  • Checklist to track the implementation of key objectives

Source: Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning BC/Yukon

Hiring Indigenous Students: The Job Posting & Beyond

  • Difference between preferential and limited hiring programs
  • Language you can use in job postings
  • Ways to connect with Indigenous applicants

Source: Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning BC/Yukon

Racial Equity Tools Glossary

  • Defines terms related to discourse on racial equity and equality
  • Includes more than 2,500 resources geared towards educating and inspiring people to decolonize and create changes within their communities

Source: Racial Equity Tools

The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion – Resources

  • Resources and guides to learning and understanding EDI, Racism & Antiracism, Inclusive Leadership and more

Source: The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

Transitioning Employers: Policies and Practices for a Trans-inclusive Workplace

  • Report on survey of 69 organizations, with 700,000 total employees, to understand workplace policies for supporting trans and gender non-conforming people
  • Despite existence of anti-discrimination policies and training opportunities on gender identity and expression, few organizations had inclusion policies that provide equitable workplace opportunities for trans and gender non-conforming people.

Source: Gender and the Economy

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