International Relations

Going into her co-op experiences with an open mind and powerful self drive helped Joanne pave a path to the public sector in a unique role as a Service Designer.


Not only did Stephanie’s co-op positions help validate that she wanted to pursue a career involving coaching others, they also gave her a portfolio of credible experiences to draw upon long after graduation.

Gabriela is our 2018 Undergraduate Co-op Student of the Year, honoured for her work term with Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Gabriela sees her time with GAC as her “capstone position” – an opportunity that allowed her to sharpen her career goals and provided personal and professional development beyond expectations.

Ashwini is our 2018 Undergraduate Co-op Student of the Year Honourable Mention, recognized for her work term with TRIUMF. Ashwini feels that working at TRIUMF taught her how diverse the communications field is, and because of her team’s support, guidance, and mentorship, she has found a new passion for public relations.

Arts Co-op has provided Katie Stannard with opportunities for personal development beyond her wildest expectations, leading her to identify new aspirations for her education and career.

2011 Student of the Year winner Sophia Kim says her co-op experiences at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada helped to land her “dream job” at the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco/Silicon Valley.

Peter Lee worked at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) for his co-op terms, which closely aligned with his own studies and his future career goals.

Oliver began his career as an Arts Co-op student, working at Muscular Dystrophy Canada, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, and UBC Enrolment Services.

Julia’s Co-op experience has been very rewarding as she has had the opportunity to explore many industries on a local, national and international scale, from non-profit to government. Julia worked at the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Communication Canada, and Foreign Affairs Canada during her time in Co-op.

Though a long time avid sports enthusiast, Jeffrey says his Co-op work term with Jet Set Sports during the 2010 Winter Olympics & Paralympic in Vancouver truly “sparked his passion” for sports and tourism industry.