About Us

Our Mission

The UBC Arts Co-op Program offers students enriched educational experiences for personal and professional growth by working with diverse community partners and sectors to provide transformative workplace learning.

The UBC Arts Co-op Program aims to:

  • Provide students with the support and opportunities for career exploration, and diversification of experience and skill sets
  • Develop skilled professionals who can strengthen the workforce in new and innovative ways
  • Enable students to be engaged citizens who contribute positively to a global society
  • Build student capacity for leadership
  • Foster student and alumni connections to UBC and the local and international communities

Our Roots

The UBC Arts Co-op Program started as a pilot program for students in the Department of English. As a result of our growth and success in the past 15+ years, the program is thriving and includes students across all undergraduate disciplines within Arts (40+ different undergraduate programs in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Creative and Performing Arts), the Master’s of Public Policy and Global Affairs, graduate programs in the iSchool@UBC (more formally known as the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies), and English and History PhD.