How Co-op Works

Co-op Defined

To qualify as a co-op work term, the position you’re hiring for should be:

  • At least 420 hours in length (or 12 weeks at 35 hours a week)
  • Full-time work
    • Part-time hours can also be accommodated – ask us how
  • Paid at an appropriate salary for the industry and level of responsibility
  • Supervised by a professional who is keen to mentor a student
  • Challenging, providing the student with career-related tasks
  • Hired as an employee, rather than an independent contractor

Co-op students are available for 4 or 8-month paid work terms beginning in September, January and May each year. We start posting jobs 4 months before the planned start date.

Hiring is easy. Simply follow our 4 steps for hiring a student.

Need Help with Funding?
Read more on the funding resources available to help you subsidize a co-op position.

During the first month, your co-op student will set learning objectives, which we encourage you to establish together in order to set realistic and challenging goals.

About mid-way through the term, we will schedule a site visit with you and the student in order to discuss the student’s learning, progress, and performance thus far.

Our goal is to make sure the work term is a mutually beneficial experience for both you and your student.

Supervisor Reference Guide
Refer to the Supervisor Reference Guide for details on supervising and working with your co-op student.

Throughout the term your student will submit several co-op assignments, which are designed to help them reflect on their learning and develop their professional network. It's up to the student to discuss and share copies of these assignments with you to ensure nothing confidential is submitted.

At the end of each 4-month term we ask that the student and the supervisor complete online evaluations.