Meghan Chapman, was described as “the best of the best” out of hundreds of university students Timothy Meyer at TRIUMF had supervised.

At the Mortal Coil Performance Society, Belle obtained a position that is directly relevant to her education and her intended career path.

Brendan’s organizational and management skills, as well his ability to think on his feet have been developed through his position as a Program Supervisor with Catching the Spirit Youth Society.

Emily will always remember being, “the first co-op student to translate industry profiles for public access on the internet” at Employment and Social Development Canada.

Lara – 2016’s iSchool MAS co-op student of the year – was honoured for her work term as Archives Project Assistant for UBC Okanagan Campus Library, Special Collections and Archives. One of her main responsibilities was to finalize “workflows for ingesting digitized collections into a shared online repository.”

Lara, an English Honours major, tells us about her summer work term at the Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society.