BA: Major in English, Minor in Creative Writing 

Where did Amanda work?

Work Term 1 and 2:
UBC Thunderbirds Social Media Coordinator, UBC Athletics & Recreation

What were Amanda’s main responsibilities and accomplishments?

Amanda and her communications team cover about 26 UBC athletic teams. While watching the game, Amanda does real-time coverage on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. In addition to this, she does the graphics for the Instagram page using Adobe Creative Suite and other similar programs. “I coordinate with Communication and Marketing teams to do the social media plan for all our platforms to show our brand, our athletics, and our UBC Thunderbird pride,” she proudly revealed.

Amanda stated that her major accomplishment was being able to support planning of the Winter Classic, the annual hockey game at UBC. “The fact that I helped fill up all of Doug Mitchell [Thunderbird Sports Centre] and put on an event like that was amazing,” she shared. From the sidelines, Amanda helped cheer UBC’s hockey team to victory, as she captured images of goals and shots for UBC Athletics and Recreations digital platforms.

What challenges did Amanda overcome? 

As an English literature major, Amanda does a lot of academic writing and reading. Therefore, sports journalism was a completely new genre for her. “Learning sports vernacular is definitely something I had to learn and overcome but now that I’ve figured it out it’s helped me learn something totally new,” she said. Along the way, Amanda’s colleagues have been especially supportive and helped teach her all she has to know.

How did Arts Co-op Benefit Amanda? 

Amanda’s co-op term has been a much-needed break from her studies, but in a way that’s allowed her to gain experience and explore new paths. “When I started my co-op work search I didn’t really know what types of jobs I was going to go into with my degree but this sort of just fell into my lap at the right time,” she expressed. The position wasn’t what she expected, but she’s glad she got into it, as it’s helped her reading and writing skills in different ways. 

Amanda’s co-op experience has exposed her to what she does and does not like. “I feel more prepared for post-grad as that’s definitely something I want to know before I choose my path,” she reflects. In addition to this, she’s glad to have a job like this to help clarify her goals and potential pursuit of work in the field of media.