In her own words, Avril Hwang believes that “the Arts Co-op Program has allowed me to expand my technical repertoire without fear of failure.” Avril spent her first co-op term working as the Social Media Coordinator for UBC Athletics and Recreation, where she managed over 20 social media accounts for UBC’s various athletics teams. From print to video, this experience allowed Avril to build her skills in a vast range of media, perfectly complementing the experimental and diverse nature of her program. Avril found her co-op experience to be “an immensely valuable testing ground,” as the technical skills she learned from experts in marketing and journalism will certainly be useful in her future studies and career in media. Her most memorable accomplishment was helping advertise and orchestrate UBC’s 2017 Homecoming, where a record-breaking 9,542 football fans cheered the UBC Thunderbirds to a 31-10 win against Saskatchewan. Through co-op, Avril has supplemented her degree with technical experience in a diverse range of media platforms and a variety of memorable accomplishments, making her future professional goals that much more attainable.