Area(s) of Study:
Work Terms:

BA 2012: Major, Honours Theatre

Where did Belle work?

Work Term 1 (4 months):
Assistant Community Artist, Mortal Coil Performance Society

What did Belle accomplish?

Mortal Coil Performance Society
Belle has been involved in Mortal Coil’s large-scale theatre production of Salmon Row, a show that tells the story about the creatures and people who survived from the salmon at the mouth of the Fraser River. She assisted the Community Artist plan and executed all-ages workshops on mask-making, lantern-making and stilt-walking for the community of Steveston in the city of Richmond. In addition, she acted as an apprentice stage manager and production assistant where her tasks include arranging fittings and audition, attending production meetings and interacting with the public to market the production.

What would Belle tell others about Arts Co-op?

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they are small issues or don’t seem like questions at all,” Belle says when asked about what advice she would give to other co-op students. Belle’s consistent communication with her supervisor helped her be successful in her job because it gave her a clearer idea of what her employer’s expectations of her were.

How did Arts Co-op benefit Belle?

Developing a Career Path
Belle obtained a position that is directly relevant to her education and “correlated with [her] intended career path.” Belle says, “My employers were very accommodating and tailored my tasks to specific stage management duties and allowed me to attend rehearsals, fittings, assist with auditions, and involved me in almost every aspect of planning the production. I think this work term has only served to cement my career plan.” Through this work term, Belle gained insight into the workings of a large-scale production; the concrete experience Belle has gained will help her successfully manage her own show when she returns to UBC in the Fall.

Skills & Experience for a Head Start
Belle has met designers, artists and other arts administrators who are active in Vancouver’s arts and theatre scene. She learned how to run an efficient meeting with individuals from different groups, strengthened her organization and planning skills, and developed her ability to interact with the public. This work term gave Belle an opportunity to showcase her skills and strengths and develop a network of individuals whom she can contact upon graduation. Developing a network has been crucial as “the Vancouver theatre scene is all about who you know.”