BA 2013: Major Psychology

Where did Brendan work?

Work Term 1 (4 months)
Program Supervisor, Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Work Term 2 (4 months)
Student Development Assistant for the Faculty of Arts, Centre for Arts Student Services

Work Term 3 (8 months)
Student Development Assistant for the Faculty of Science

What did Brendan accomplish?

Program Advisor for Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Brendan combined his education in psychology with his experience in outdoor recreation, and passion for sustainability to develop leadership and social responsibility in youth aged 12-18 through environmental awareness stewardship, outdoor recreation and youth ownership.  Brendan utilized his organizational skills when managing groups of 10-16 participants on weekend overnight camps, including meal planning and equipment maintenance. Utilizing his background in Culinary Arts, he took the initiative to develop a cook book resource containing menus, as well as tips for healthy eating and sustainable living. This resource can be used for future camps to ease the meal planning process.

Student Development Assistant for the Faculty of Arts, Centre for Arts Student Services

As a Student Development Assistant, Brendan worked with the Faculty of Arts on their Orientations programming, which included supporting and tracking communication between a large group of student leaders and helping plan events and their logistics.  One event included a large scale BBQ for returning and transfer students; Brendan was in charge of planning the event and any on-site troubleshooting.  He also wrote web content for the Centre for Arts Student Services and UBC Orientations website.  All his work was crucial for the success of the Orientations program with the Faculty of Arts.

Student Development Assistant for the Faculty of Science

Brendan reapplied the skills he previously acquired, into his position as a Student Development Assistant, Science. He worked with the Faculty of Science for their Orientation program and events, including the hiring and training of Orientations Leaders and planning for the events on Imagine day. One event he planned, in collaboration with the Science Undergraduate Society, was the Faculty Fair, where over 250 students attended.  Brendan also used his technical skills to redesign the UBC Student Development website and create web space for the UBC Orientations programming.

What would Brendan tell others about Arts Co-op?

When deciding on a job, Brendan says, “Don’t choose a job based on money, but go with the one you feel in your heart. This job [working as a Program Supervisor with Catching the Spirit Youth Society] really spoke to me and in the long run I’m so happy I took it.” Brendan would agree that co-op opportunities provide valuable experiences and transferable skills that will benefit students in their future careers.  He recommends students to take “chances” and to go out of their comfort zone to allow for a great learning opportunity.

How did Arts Co-op benefit Brendan?

Discovery a Career Path

During his time with Catching the Spirit Youth Society, Brendan managed a team and oversaw a group of youth. He thoroughly enjoyed working with a group of leaders towards a goal-directed experience, and is gearing towards a management role and working with people.  Through his experience working with UBC Student Development, Brendan further focused his job prospects; he is interested in working within the field of Student Affairs, in particular, within program development.

Skills & Experience for a Head Start

Brendan links Arts Co-op with his acquisition of critical skills. He explains that the value of obtaining the hands-on experience that co-op provides is “something you cannot learn in the classroom.” Brendan gained event planning skills through large scale events such as the UBC Returning and Transfer student BBQ and further developed his interpersonal skills by working with student leaders one-on-one and in large groups.  These transferable skills will benefit him by giving him a head start when he graduates and pursues his future career.