BA: Geography – Environment and Sustainability

Where did Cassandra work? 

Work Term 1 and 2 (8 months):

Emergency Management Programs Assistant, UBC Safety & Risk Services

What were Cassandra’s responsibilities and accomplishments?

Cassandra supports the emergency management team in the administration, event logistics and delivery of emergency management training. “We have training throughout the whole year, and I assist with preparation and delivery of the event,” she stated. Additionally, she helps with updating the marketing material, by making sure they align with current processes and UBC branding guidelines.

Cassandra has recently been assisting in drafting emergency response plans. These plans help prepare ahead of time in order to know how to assess UBC’s buildings after a major emergency. She’s creating all the online content and print materials that would be needed for that. For example, with the help of her supervisor and director manager, she is helping draft one of the university’s emergency response plans. “This is very valuable, and I look forward to developing it as it will be useful in the future,” stated Cassandra.

What challenges did Cassandra overcome? 

Cassandra revealed that her main challenge was being able to pick up terminology specific to emergency management. Knowledge of emergency management framework and acronyms is essential to understand and follow work discussions. Over time, she learned the terms and adopted them into her daily work.

How did Arts Co-op Benefit Cassandra? 

Cassandra’s work term has helped her consider a new career path in emergency management, that she can utilize with her degree. Throughout her studies in Geography, Cassandra has developed critical thinking skills, which she was able to practice in her work term by making sure all possible scenarios and UBC community stakeholders have been considered when developing emergency management plans.

Cassandra expressed that after her work term with UBC Safety & Risk Services she feels more confident for life after graduation. “Being in the co-op program has definitely given me insider’s access to what will come post-graduation, how office environments work, how people work together and how decisions are made,” she stated.