BA 2012: Major English Literature, Minor Psychology

Where did Cindy work?

Work Term 1 (8 months): Student Development Assistant, Student Development, UBC Faculty of Engineering

Work Term 2 (4 months): Research and Communications Assistant, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, Immigrant Integration Branch

What did Cindy accomplish?

Student Development, UBC Faculty of Engineering
As a Student Development Assistant, Cindy planned, coordinated and marketed events such as sessions with the Dean, industry networking events and professional skills development workshops. In addition, she oversaw the planning and management for events associated with the Tri-Mentoring program. Some of her duties included booking venues and catering, coordinating RSVPs and event set-up and registration. Cindy also had the opportunity to strengthen her public speaking when co-emceeing some of these events. Of the experience Cindy says, “it was especially interesting for me to be on the other side of this relationship by working as a staff member rather than participating as a student.” Through this work term, Cindy developed event planning and project management skills and was introduced to Student Affairs, an area she feels could become a future career path.

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation
During her time at the Immigrant Integration Branch, Cindy utilized the research and writing skills she gained through her education to effectively collect qualitative and quantitative data from organizations over the phone or via surveys and analyze the data to create comprehensive summary reports on the feedback received from external organizations. Cindy also reviewed final reports of 86 projects that the Branch undertook in order to create welcoming and inclusive communities in British Columbia. She created an inventory of these projects that consisted of project summaries and resources or materials that were produced to serve as a reference for future initiatives.

What would Cindy tell others about Arts Co-op?

Cindy “strongly recommends the Arts Co-op Program to students.” She says, “being a co-op student not only provided the opportunities for work experience and professional development, but it also motivated me to pursue other involvement and interests that make me a more well-rounded and marketable individual.”

How did Arts Co-op benefit Cindy?

Applying Skills Gained Through Education
Through completing her work terms, Cindy has realized that her career path is not limited to her English Literature degree. Through her education, Cindy developed advanced writing, critical analysis and reading comprehension skills that she was able to bring to the workplace in order to complete her tasks. Cindy also developed communication skills through her academic career. She believes that “the skills [she] has attained during [her] academics will be valuable when pursuing future career paths.”

Skills & Experiences for a Head Start
Through Co-op, Cindy has learned how to effectively manage multiple responsibilities and projects at one time, how to tailor her written and verbal communication to the audience, and how to work independently and make informed decisions. Through her work terms, Cindy has become familiar with working in a professional environment and has learned how to meet the expectations required of her when working as part of a team – skills which will be valued by future employers. Cindy also built relationships with mentors and colleagues who gave her advice about different career paths. Cindy says, “it’s the people that I’ve met and had the chance to work with that have made the biggest difference to me.”