Area(s) of Study:
Work Terms:

BA: Major in English Language, 2014

Where Did Crystal Work?

Work Term 1-3 (12 Months):
Support Analyst, UBC IT

Work Term 4 and 5 (8 Months):
Information Developer, SAP


What Were Crystal’s Responsibilities?


Crystal started her co-op journey as a Support Analyst at UBC IT, where she resolved technical issues for staff and faculty – a role that required her to work under pressure and quickly develop time management and technical skills.


As an Information Developer, Crystal collaborated with colleagues in product management, UX design, program management, and software development to create product documentation and in-product content. Crystal’s main project involved writing a software development kit (SDK) guide for a data visualization tool, as well as partnering with a data scientist to help write a best practices guide for using data visualizations.

What Was Crystal’s Most Memorable Accomplishment?

During a design-thinking workshop at SAP, Crystal had the opportunity to partner with two software developers and a product manager to ideate a solution for one of SAP’s existing cloud products. After presenting their ideas to the VP of Engineering, the group’s solution was chosen for patent filing and further exploration and development. This experience was particularly rewarding because Crystal was the only non-technical member of the team and successfully advocated for the design direction of their solution.

Where is Crystal Now and How Did Co-op Help Her Get There?

Crystal currently works as a Content Strategist for Facebook and credits her hands-on co-op experience in a fast-paced enterprise environment for ultimately fostering her love of designing digital user experiences. Crystal’s co-op terms enabled her to use technical tools while also giving her a glimpse of how the software development cycle works across all cross-functional partners.

What Would Crystal Tell Others About Arts Co-op?

Crystal believes that co-op experience is just as important and valuable as your degree. “When I was interviewing with various companies, not many employers looked at my degree. Almost all interest was spotlighted on my past experiences working in co-op.” Looking back, Crystal can draw a clear path to where she is now and credits co-op with jump starting her career in tech.