Co-op allows students to explore and exercise their passions – just ask Erin Grace. Erin is a human geography student working as Project Coordinator for the First Nations Fisheries Council (FNFC), where she is responsible for planning and supporting meetings with First Nations across British Columbia on fishery and conservation issues. Erin has always had an interest in First Nations issues across Canada, and this role has allowed her to explore both the nuanced and big-picture challenges confronting First Nations communities in BC. As part of her role, Erin has travelled all around the province to participate in meetings and engage with First Nations communities in the field. In her own words, Erin writes “I have learned so much more speaking to elders and other First Nations at engagement events than I ever would learn in a classroom!” She has cultivated a network of government officials and First Nations across BC while building a “much better understanding of the processes of engagement between First Nations and the government.” Erin hopes to continue working with First Nations after graduation, and co-op has allowed her to further develop the skills and experience necessary to achieve her career aspirations. For students like Erin , co-op is a path to achieving their professional goals.