BA 2011: Major Political Science, Minor International Relations


When the world’s eyes were set on Vancouver, British Columbia for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Arts Co-op student Jeffrey Cui was in the thick of it all, working through a Co-op term with Olympic sponsor Jet Set Sports; While hundreds of thousands of spectators clamored to gain access to Olympic sporting events and venues, Jeffrey fully utilized the perks of working in an organization integral to the success of the Winter Games and was “able to enjoy the Olympic experience” first-handed.

Jeffrey’s work terms have truly reflected his interests in the world of sport and the outdoors. He completed his first work term at the Banff/Lake Louise Tourism Bureau as a Travel Counselor, where he provided information and marketed events to promote the province of Alberta to local, national and international visitors. He then undertook a dynamic work term with Jet Set Sports in Yaletown, Vancouver, an official sponsor and international ticketing agent for the Olympic Games. At Jet Set Sports, Jeffrey’s responsibilities included ticketing will call operations for international customers as well as maintaining contacts with both business operations groups and individual consumers.

Though a long time avid sports enthusiast, Jeffrey says his term with Jet Set Sports has truly “sparked his passion” for the sport and tourism industry. His experience as a spectator to the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games only highlighted the intensive operational planning Vancouver required to hold the single largest event the city has ever seen. He says, “My experience in the sport industry has allowed me to touch base and make solid connections,” including connections with executives in Jet Sports, sponsors of National Olympic Committees (NOCs), and even members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Aside from these connections, Jeffrey was able to gain valuable communication skills during his work term, involving “talking with a range of people, dealing with memos, and communicating with people through phone, email, or face to face contact.”

Jeffrey can attest to the benefits of taking part in the Arts Co-op Program. “Co-op provided me with experience before graduating, which is really valuable. I experienced a taste of the real world, was able to see and meet people from all over the globe, and enhanced my personal and professional profile – all before graduation.” He further adds, “With the support you get from the Co-op staff, the benefits of the program are immense. This is something you don’t get anywhere else.”

His advice for future co-op students? To use the enduring words of Journey, “Don’t stop believing!” Jeffrey understands the pressure of landing that first placement, as he was not offered any jobs until late April for his first work term. He didn’t let the prospect of not getting a job offer get him down, and hopes that incoming students also keep a positive attitude in themselves and their job searches.

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