BA: Major in English Literature, Minor in International Relations

Where did Joanne work?

Work Term 1 and 2 (8 months):
Communications and Digital Content Assistant, UBC Student Communication Services

Work Term 3 (4 months):
Policy and Research Assistant, Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training

What did Joanne accomplish? 

UBC Student Communication Services

Joanne’s position involved taking an active role in content writing, social media strategy, design, and communication plans. One of her highlights was leading the campaign strategy for the ‘World’s Challenge Challenge,’ a contest that brought students across years and disciplines to come up with a solution for a global problem. Enhancing an existing marketing plan, Joanne devised new ways of engaging students: from creating cross-channel social media content and motion graphics, to interviewing students, Joanne’s work landed on the front page of UBC’s website and has become the framework for future WCC campaigns.

Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training

As part of the policy team, Joanne conducted research and data analysis to help inform strategic policies within BC’s private training sector. Her greatest project focused on translating student data reports and research into ways to support private training students. She developed a statement of student rights, infographics used in Ministers’ meetings, and decision notes. Joanne took a visual and student-centric approach to her work with the aim of “finding the human intersection between data and design.”

What would Joanne tell others about Arts Co-op?

She recommends the program to “any and all students, but it’ll be especially valuable to the self-driven.” She believes that curiosity and exploration are the factors behind a successful co-op experience. “You can either go through a co-op term and get your pay-cheque at the end of the day, or you can take each experience as an opportunity for personal and professional growth,” she revealed.

How did Arts Co-op benefit Joanne? 

Bridge Between School and Studies

Joanne concluded that her co-op terms have helped enhance her studies. Communicating well with others is a vital and universally transferable skill to have, and she thanks her English degree for that. Joanne’s background in International Relations also helped her view things in a holistic way, by taking a step back from the work that she was doing and seeing it in a broader context.

Exploration of Career Paths

Joanne’s experiences completely shattered her expectations of a stereotypical 9-5 job. Her roles provided her with the freedom to not only explore her points of interest, but also to find new ones. Her exploration of research and design led to her current position as a service designer in the government sector – a role she had only recently discovered.  “There are so many different positions in different areas that you might not even think exist but could be perfect for you,” she expressed. She believes that the key to flourishing in your co-op term is going in with an open mind. “Co-op prepared me for the professional world and has set me up for success,” Joanne proudly stated.