BA 2010: Major Political Science, Minor History

Where did Lacey work?

Work Term 1 (4 months):
Media and Public Relations Assistant, Terry Fox Foundation (TFF)

Work Term 2 (4 months):
Communication Officer, Health Canada

Work Term 3 (4 months):
Marketing Assistant, UBC Office of Learning Technology (OLT)

What did Lacey accomplish? 

Terry Fox Foundation
As a Media and Public Relations Assistant at the Terry Fox Foundation, Lacey was one of three full-time staff members who organized TFF’s initiatives. Lacey was the main contact for all of the volunteer-run organizers in British Columbia and the Yukon. She helped TFF gain exposure by working with the local media in B.C. To do so, she wrote her own press releases, created a press kit and developed a media campaign. At TFF, Lacey found a new passion—Communications.

Health Canada
After her position at TFF, Lacey decided to explore another position in communications. As a Communication Officer at Health Canada, she honed her research skills by researching media trends in B.C. that related to various health issues. She also created and distributed all internal communications to an audience of over 4000 staff across the entire province. These kept staff up-to-date on health trends, product recalls, government policy, and resources for work/life balance—all useful information to enhance both work performance and daily life.

UBC Office of Learning Technology
As a Marketing Assistant at the Office of Learning Technology at UBC, Lacey continued to expand her communications skill set. Through writing business plans and developing marketing strategies, she improved her technical writing and editing skills. Lacey also used design editing software like Adobe Creative Suite while updating the OLT’s social media accounts, WordPress blogs, and educational resource tools.

What would Lacey tell others about Arts Co-op?

Lacey encourages prospective students to “apply for anything and everything” because you never know what your passions are until you try them. Before co-op, Lacey wanted to attend law school and work for the government. However, through her co-op terms, Lacey learned how to utilize the skills gained through her Political Science degree to do advocacy and policy work within Communications, a field she truly enjoys.

How did Arts Co-op benefit Lacey?

Skills and Experience for a Head Start
After realizing her passion for Communications, Lacey searched for post-graduate employment in this field. Even though she competed with Simon Fraser University graduates in Communications, while she had a Political Science degree, Lacey had the advantage of hands-on, practical work experience. Through her co-op terms, Lacey gained relevant skills, knowledge, experience and great references—all of which gave her a distinct edge over the competition.

Where is Lacey now?

Currently, Lacey works at the Delta Hospital Foundation as the Communications Coordinator. She writes and develops strategic communication and public relations plans for the Foundation’s fundraising campaigns. She also engages with local stakeholders to develop marketing and branding policy for the Foundation. Lacey says, “Everything I learned through my placements with TFF, Health Canada and OLT … I have been able to apply to my current role.” Lacey is currently finishing a Marketing Management Diploma in Public Relations from BCIT and intends to begin her Master of Arts in Communications in 2012.