2014 Undergraduate Student of the Year Honourable Mention

Double Major: International Relations & French


Mandy Wu received an honourable mention for the Arts Co-op Student of the Year Award. Mandy is recognized for her work terms at the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA) in Hong Kong, where her supervisor, John Medeiros, described her as being “enthusiastic and responsive” and that her performance “substantially exceeded the normal level for any student intern or entry-level staffer.”

Excellence in the Workplace

During her time at CASBAA, Mandy had many responsibilities, including translating legal, commercial, and industry materials, serving as the main liaison between high-ranking government officials across the Asia-Pacific Region, and organizing and executing the annual “Policy Roundtable”, a meeting for roughly 20 officials with a budget of $30,000. Mandy was able to excel in completing each task that was assigned to her, and her supervisor, John Medeiros described her as being a “pillar of support” for the organization over the duration of her work terms and able to meet all of their “expectations at 100% or better.”

Mandy also currently provides support to the Arts Co-op Program as Co-President of the Arts Co-op Students’ Association (ACSA), where she is responsible for leading a group of 10 executives alongside the other co-president. In this role, Mandy has developed effective leadership skills through directing the club vision for the year, overseeing the monthly social and professional development events, acting as the main liaison between ACSA and the Arts Co-op Office, as well as through promoting the Arts Co-op Program to employers and students. Mandy has also organized and delivered professional workshops to roughly 220 students at the Arts Co-op pre-employment training conferences.

Due to her experiences in the Arts Co-op Program, Mandy believes she has “become a blossoming professional with confidence in the workplace.” As she plans to graduate this May with a degree in International Relations, her prospective career paths are directed towards public relations, communications, and government relations, and she looks forward to the many more adventures that the future has in store for her.