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2010 Undergraduate Student of the Year

BA 2011: Sociology Major, English Literature Minor

Each year, the Arts Co-op Program recognizes an undergraduate co-op student for outstanding achievement in all aspects of student performance including academics, the workplace, and contribution to co-operative education and to extra-curricular activities. This year’s winner, Meghan Champman (née Magee), has been described as “the best of the best” out of hundreds of university students Timothy Meyer has supervised during his career at TRIUMF and elsewhere. Meghan’s outstanding grades; involvement with co-operative education; commitment to personal, academic and career development; and her outstanding performance evaluation by her supervisor illustrate why she really is “the best of the best.”

Excellence in the Workplace

Meghan has truly learned the art of adaptability, and has proven that just because she is not pursuing a formal degree in Communications does not mean she can’t excel in the field. During her work term, Meghan took on a number of responsibilities as Communications Assistant, including community outreach and education, special event programming and coordination, and developing and posting content to the website. Meghan also worked on some larger projects, such as establishing TRIUMF’s Student Artist in Residence Program, the purpose of which is to develop an ongoing relationship with TRIUMF and local arts students. Meghan and a professor at Emily Carr University of Art & Design co-developed a module that would be taught by the professor in her class during the fall. This module was designed to engage students with TRIUMF, providing them with an opportunity to visit the lab and showcase artwork that was inspired by this visit. The program was repeated in 2010, drawing students from Simon Fraser University and visiting students from the Berlin School of Design in Germany. Meghan’s supervisor, Timothy Meyer, says she was “both visionary and manager for this entire project – a true leader.” What impressed him the most were “Meghan’s unflappability and her steadfast commitment to excellence – either working independently or as a member of a complex team.”

During her time at TRIUMF, Meghan gained confidence in delivering presentations, and as a result, was able to share her co-op experiences with 1,000 first year Arts students at the “Meet the Dean” session, as well as at an event hosted by the Centre for Arts Students Services for Sociology students. Through her work term, Meghan developed an interest in communication, and upon her return to classes, began to tailor her degree to this field. Through this experience, Meghan has found a field that she is passionate about, gained a variety of transferable skills, and has demonstrated excellence in everything she does.

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