BA: Major in Economics, Minor in Commerce

Where Did Namomba Work?

Work Term 1 and 2 (8 Months):
Community Leader Intern, Vancity

Work Term 3 (4 Months):
Community Engagement Initiatives Co-op, UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL)


What Did Namomba Accomplish?


Namomba designed a membership onboarding strategy, complete with a digital welcome kit and satisfaction survey, which helped Vancity to increase its membership and retain solopreneurs and micro-business members. She also rebalanced the Small Business Advisor (SBA) portfolios by ensuring accurate account numbers and creating a list of accounts ready to be moved. This work provided SBAs with a functioning portfolio, thereby aiding portfolio management activities and ensuring accuracy for marketing outreach campaigns in the future.


Namomba developed a community outreach framework that served as a database for customer relationship management. By actively tracking this database, Namomba’s work helped to support CCEL’s objective of strategic outreach to community partners. Namomba was also responsible for representing CCEL on campus and co-leading the recruitment of over 450 student volunteers and leaders for CCEL’s community and student based programming, such as Reading Week and Trek.

How Has Co-op Influenced Namomba’s Future Career Path?

Working at organizations that advocate for community development and investment helped Namomba to discover her interest in impact investment and social entrepreneurship. Through co-op, Namomba was able to apply her classroom learnings to different workplace settings and expand her knowledge of career options.

How Did Arts Co-op Benefit Namomba?

Working on countless projects and initiatives enabled Namomba to identify and refine her professional skills such as organizational skills, teamwork and the ability to exercise creativity. With the experience that co-op gave her, Namomba is now more experienced and confident in writing cover letters and resumes, as well as connecting with potential employers. In Namomba’s words, “It will give me a more competitive edge when entering the workforce.”