2018/19 iSchool MAS Co-op Student of the Year

Excellence in the Workplace

During her term as a Collections Management Assistant at Murney Tower Museum (MTM), Nicole was actively involved in finding ways to make the museum’s collection more accessible and readily available. Her primary responsibility was to begin migrating the paper-based collection system to a digital one. Her efforts to modernize how the museum organizes its collections will greatly impact MTM in many ways, including assisting with an ongoing exhibit renewal and aligning with Ontario’s Community Museum Operating Standards. Her supervisor, Curator Danielle Marshall, called Nicole’s contributions to the museum “immense”and noted that Nicole accomplished them while displaying great initiative and flexibility.

In addition, Nicole set up a new filing system for the physical object files and created a user manual and training guide for future users. She also trained incoming summer interpreters and assisted in the opening of the museum. Leveraging her diverse skill set, Nicole also researched, designed and created a guide entitled A Guide: Murney Tower Museum Digitization Project, which included her original illustrations.

Community Involvement:

Aside from her role as a Collections Management Assistant at MTM, Nicole is an active member of her community. She has continuously promoted and enabled public access to literary and museum materials by volunteering at the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites and the Southview Public School Library. She also showcased her artistic abilities by volunteering at the Ontario Museum Association’s Strong and Successful Museum Conference in 2017 as a photographer.

Co-op: A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth

Curator Danielle Marshall noted that Nicole brought a positive attitude, and willingness to learn and ask questions – truly making the most of the opportunities provided by this co-op experience. By embracing all the opportunities and challenges during her first co-op work term, Nicole believes that she grew as a “more confident person, emerging professional, and academic who is able to advocate for the relevancy of archival studies to the small museum.” It is with this in mind that Nicole looks forward to continuing to experience the ways in which co-op enriches her studies.

About the iSchool Co-op Student of the Year Award

The Arts Co-op Program’s Student of the Year Award recognizes two co-op students in UBC iSchool (Library, Archival, and Information Studies). Two annual awards of $1,000 are available: one to a MLIS or dual student (who used their MLIS background on the co-op job) and the other to a MAS or dual student (who used their MAS background on the co-op job).

 These annual awards recognize outstanding achievement in all aspects of the UBC iSchool co-op student’s performance, including academics, the workplace, and professional/community involvement.

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