2015 iSchool (SLAIS) MAS Co-op Student of the Year

Each year, the Arts Co-op Program recognizes an iSchool (SLAIS) Master of Archival Studies (MAS) co-op student for outstanding achievement in all aspects of student performance including academics, the workplace, contribution to co-operative education, and extra-curricular activities. This year’s winner, Paige Hohmann, was honoured for her work term with the UBC Okanagan Library, Okanagan Special Collections (UBCO OSC). Paige’s supervisor praised her for her exceptional work ethic, and how she went above and beyond in every aspect of her work.

Paige’s outstanding grades, commitment to personal, academic, and career development, and her outstanding performance evaluation by her supervisor illustrate why she deserves the distinction of iSchool (SLAIS) MAS Co-op Student of the Year.

Excellence in the Workplace

As the Archival Project Assistant with UBCO OSC, Paige’s responsibilities included accessioning and describing archival materials, conducting preservation assessments, facilitating donor relations, and developing a prioritized digitization plan using risk management framework. Paige was more than willing to take on larger responsibilities, demonstrating her initiative, reliability, maturity, and leadership abilities. Paige’s supervisor noted that she was very hardworking and dedicated to her work, and that Paige was a welcome addition to the UBCO OSC team.

In addition to her professional excellence, Paige made significant contributions to the Arts Co-op community. Paige has worked hard to “create a positive feedback loop between academic and experiential learning.” She has coupled her academic experience with a number of experiential learning opportunities, including co-op. Paige has acted as an ambassador at the Graduate Pathways to Success New Graduate Student Orientation, a presenter at a SLAIS Co-op information session, and is a mentor in the ACA@UBC mentorship program.

“My co-op at UBCO in Kelowna inspired me to survey the geography of my comfort zone,” said Paige, who will be graduating with a dual degree in June 2016. “I filled a niche at UBCO, and demonstrated my worth. My contributions were measurable and parallel to professional archival practice.”

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