BA 2013: Visual Arts Major, Economics Minor

Where did Rie work?

Work Term 1 (4 months):
Communications Assistant, UBC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Work Term 2 (8 months):
Learning Technology Assistant, UBC Center for Teaching, Learning, Technology (CTLT)

What did Rie accomplish?

Communications Assistant for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Through her work term, Rie learned more about different computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Drupal and utilized these tools to promote the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Rie worked with large-scale displays that incorporated photography with written and graphic elements and contributed to the Faculty of Engineering student recruitment events.  Her design of a new banner stand to represent the Electrical and Computer Engineering department helped attract new students to join the program.

Learning Technology Assistant for Center for Teaching, Learning, Technology
Eager to learn more and apply her technical skills, Rie used her technical foundation and newly acquired knowledge to obtain a co-op position as a Learning Technology Assistant.  She wrote user support documents and created “how to” screen casts to support training activities and to help student peers.  She also provided basic user support for various computer platforms and UBC supported learning technologies.  Rie further improved her technical support skills and written communication skills through her co-op placement with CTLT.

What would Rie tell others about Arts Co-op?

Rie highlights the importance of applying to as many jobs as possible and to be “confident with your skills.”  She further advises students to apply for jobs that that require technical skills.  From her experience, she explains that “the ability to learn” these technical skills is equally important as knowing them.

How did Arts Co-op benefit Rie?

Connecting Academics with a Career
Rie, a visual arts major, complemented her co-op opportunities with her studies; she connected the design concepts she learned in her visual arts classes to her work as a Communications Assistant. Rie used her knowledge to ensure that her designs would construct the messaging she wanted.  The application of the concepts she learned in class helped her succeed in her co-op term with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and clarified how her coursework can be applied to the workplace.

Skills & Experience for a Head Start
Rie dreams of becoming a User Interface/Experience Designer and her experience through co-op will help her achieve this goal.  Through co-op, she furthered her knowledge of different computer programs and her communication skills through communicating with students both online and in-person as a Learning Technology Assistant.  Rie spearheaded major projects including the Digital Signage System at UBC as a Communication Assistant.  Her advanced technological and verbal and written communication skills gained from her co-op terms will enhance her prospects when applying for jobs after graduation.