2014 Undergraduate Student of the Year Honourable Mention
Major: Creative Writing


Sam joined the Arts Co-op Program with a dream to work for Harbour Publishing, and her hard work and dedication paid off, as she secured a position as Marketing Assistant for her third work term. Sam’s passion for writing and publishing were evident during her work terms at Harbour Publishing, and she now has a full-time, permanent position as a Publicist with the organization after she graduates with her degree in Creative Writing.

Excellence in the Workplace

As a Marketing Assistant, Sam had many responsibilities including creating a monthly Harbour Publishing newsletter for retail customers, proofing press releases, and updating and creating “Promo News”, a weekly newsletter for sales representatives. Three months after starting her term, Sam was promoted to Publicist, where she was and continues to be the primary contact for three of Harbour’s Fall 2014 titles. Her responsibilities in this role include organizing events, communicating with booksellers and librarians, and arranging interviews and book reviews. With all of these responsibilities Sam demonstrated exceptional time-management skills and Marisa Alps, Sam’s supervisor, said that it is rare to “see the dedication and commitment to publishing and writing that Sam has shown.”

Sam has also contributed to the Arts Co-op Program by attending conferences to take part in networking events, and participating in “The Whole Truth”, a panel of past and senior Arts Co-op students. By participating in this panel, Sam was able to give back to the Arts Co-op community by answering questions from new co-op students and sharing her personal experience in the program.

Sam believes “the role of co-operative education in starting [her] career in publishing has been absolutely invaluable”, as she now holds a full-time Publicist position at Harbour Publishing. With the Arts Co-op Program, she has been able to pursue her dream of working as a Publicist, while sharing her enthusiasm for writing and developing her own writing skills. Looking forward, Sam is excited to continue working for Harbour Publishing, and will continue to pursue her own career in creative writing as well.