Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs

Where did Sanmini work?

Work Term 1:
Policy Consultant, Vancouver Coastal Health


What were Sanmini’s main roles and accomplishments?

As a Policy Consultant at Vancouver Coastal Heath, Sanmini had the opportunity to grapple with the complexities of policy-making in the health sector. Sanmini’s greatest accomplishment was designing a 120-page policy toolkit document regarding the corporation’s current and future work fighting food insecurity at the local, regional, provincial and national levels. In order to report on food insecurity, Sanmini completed extensive research, consulted with the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at UBC, and completed seminars on policy advocacy within the health sector. These tasks were instrumental in the development of her research and synthesis skills, and ability to manage user experience design goals when formatting her policy toolkit. Sanmini’s organizational skills were improved as she had to design a workplan for the lengthy document, which allowed her to practice her time management while completing additional tasks for her supervisor.

How did co-op advance Sanmini’s educational goals?

Throughout her coop term, Sanmini developed key technical skills and a deeper understanding of health policy outside of the classroom. She strengthened interpersonal skills that allowed her to better communicate with coworkers and classmates, and share ideas in a group setting. Sanmini reflected that as a student of public policy, the understanding of policy dynamics that she was able to achieve in her work term is quintessential to the design, analysis and implementation of policy, all of which she can now apply to her Masters Program. For instance, Sanmini’s new knowledge of policy toolkits and the experience of engaging with diverse stakeholders at Vancouver Coastal Health, led her to securing her MPPGA capstone project of working on policy issues in Rajasthan, India.

How will Sanmini’s co-op experiences aid her future career goals?

Sanmini believes co-op will benefit her greatly after graduation because it gave her the opportunity to learn about herself in a professional setting while also developing key technical skills. The skills she acquired through interactions with policy actors and policy making, are transferable skills that Sanmini will utilize in potential careers down the road. By learning how to navigate the professional policy world through a role with Vancouver Coastal Health, Sanmini gained insight into the intricacies government bodies face in designing and implementing policy that are essential skills for future policy analysts. Her passion for health-related policy will continue to grow as she continues working with Vancouver Coastal Health as a part-time Policy Consultant for the duration of her time at UBC.