Sarah has accomplished a lot during her time in Arts Co-op, by applying her academic knowledge to the workplace and utilizing all that the Program has to offer. Previous work terms with Columbia Basin Trust and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong have prepared her for her current position as the Student Transportation Planner in Policy Development at Translink. Sarah’s focus in analyzing projects involving transportation and policy from an economic perspective allows her to build and develop skills in the field of her degree. For example, she is able to apply specific knowledge such as analyzing macro data, elasticities, and price curves when understanding regional trends. Through co-op, Sarah has had the opportunity to work in a variety of sectors with different companies and has figured out what she values in a position beyond the job description, such as workplace culture or flexibility in her work hours. She credits co-op with providing essential resources needed to secure a job and prepare for a professional career after graduation, as well as allowing her to work on impactful policies.