BA 2012: Major Geography (Environment and Sustainability), Minor History

Where did Shannon work?

Work term 1 (4 months)
Operation Save H2O Team Leader, Dillon Consulting Limited

Work term 2 (8 months)
Project Support Specialist, Global Consulting/ Global Medical Services

What did Shannon accomplish?

Dillon Consulting

As a team leader for Operation Save H2O, she worked with three other team leaders to successfully carry out a program to promote water conservation and the volunteer meter program throughout the City of Surrey, visiting a total of 600 homes over the course of one month to present these initiatives. Her interest in the environment and water conservation, coupled with her education about the ways in which humans affect and are affected by earth’s natural resources, enabled Shannon to effectively teach the importance of water conservation to others.

Global Consulting

In her position as a Project Support Specialist, Shannon supported 15 different projects ranging from healthcare system and design analysis to pandemic preparedness. She also provided project management for one of the company’s largest projects for Fraser Health Authority’s Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre. This is the first time Global Medical Services had the role of a Project Support Specialist/Project Manager and due to her contribution to the role, it has now become a full-time position with the organization. In addition to project management, Shannon assisted the Human Resource Manager to screen applications, develop assignments and review the employee handbook. Due to her excellent writing skills and attention to detail, she became recognized as the “go-to” person for proofreading and formatting documents from PowerPoint presentations to provincial reports and blog posts.

What would Shannon tell others about Arts Co-op?

Shannon tells potential students, “in my third year, I really started to think about my future and looked into co-op as the perfect opportunity to still go to school and gain valuable work experience. If you are still unsure about the program, look at the website, talk to the co-op staff, and read student profiles. I am sure that you will not regret the decision to join co-op!”

How did Arts Co-op benefit Shannon?

Discovery of a Career Path

Shannon had heard the term “consultant” before, but had no idea what this profession entailed. During her time at Dillon Consulting she had the opportunity to meet with a number of consultants, and learned that individuals in this profession come from a variety of educational backgrounds and work on different and exciting projects. Following her summer term, Shannon was hired for a co-op term with Global Consulting and has worked alongside senior consultants on a variety of projects to gain further understanding of this potential career path. Through her work terms, Shannon was not only able to refine her career path, but she has received unofficial offers of employment from Global Consulting, where she hopes to gain further experience in Project Management and look into consulting for environmental and sustainability projects.

Skills & Experience for a Head Start

Besides having secured a potential job before graduation and gaining a network of contacts, Shannon will have a wide range of experience on her resume. Through her co-op work terms, she has gained a diverse set of transferable skills including accountability, communication, leadership and assertiveness that will be an asset to future employers.