BA 2005: International Relations & Women’s Studies

Director of Delivery, ExperiencePoint

As the Director of Delivery at ExperiencePoint, Stephanie contributes to the development of innovation and change management workshops that transform the way people learn, manage change, and solve complex problems. Work terms with Tourism Whistler and UBC Arts Co-op gave Stephanie the opportunity to refine skills in public speaking, facilitation, and coaching that are fundamental to her current position. Not only did these positions help Stephanie validate that she wanted to pursue a career involving coaching others, they also gave her a portfolio of credible experiences to draw upon long after graduation. In fact, the skills and confidence she gained from co-op proved to be incredibly valuable in launching her own successful coaching business following her undergraduate studies. From there, Stephanie continued to draw upon co-op experience to co-found Run for One Planet, for which she received a Meritorious Service Decoration in 2016 from the Governor General. Like many co-op students, Stephanie took initiative in building her own unique career path from the opportunities that co-op provided.