Employers & Roles

MPPGA co-op students will gain expertise in the classroom and in professional skills workshops to tackle complex challenges related to social change, energy, and the environment, as well as democracy, security, and global governance.

Their broad skill-set combines scientific data analysis with policy tools, economic understanding, communication skills, and creativity. Students with this unique skill-set are in high demand by employers seeking policy strategists, senior public policy officers, market analysts, directors of strategy and communications, and other policy professionals in non-governmental organizations, local and national governments, and inter-governmental agencies globally.

Policy Strategy Policy Design & Analysis
Communications Project Management
Evaluation & Needs Assessment Research Services
Technical Writing Social Service Delivery

As MPPGA students desire to work on complex, multi-disciplinary issues and gain global policy experience, Co-op staff will strive to market the program to employers across Canada and around the world, reaching a wide range and number of positions. As a result, those interested in taking part in the MPPGA Co-op Program are highly encouraged to ensure they will be able to accommodate a move from the start of their program of study.

Some positions, such as those with the Canadian federal government, are restricted to Canadian citizens because of security clearance requirements. A significant percentage of summer positions are restricted to Canadians or permanent residents aged 30 or under, due to youth employment funding requirements.

While the Co-op Program does its best to offer a range of job opportunities suited to the interests of specific students, the jobs posted reflect current market realities. Students who are flexible about the types of experience they wish to gain will likely be most successful in the program.

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