PhD Co-op

In 2020/21, PhD Co-op is available for students in the following programs:

  • English
  • Gender, Race, and Social Justice
  • Germanic Studies (CENES)
  • History
  • Philosophy

In 2013-14, the Arts Co-op Program and the UBC Department of English launched UBC’s first PhD Co-op Program. This exciting initiative allows PhD students to widen their range of professional skills through paid work experience in fields such as academic administration, communications, project management, and archival, government, and non-governmental organization (NGO) research.

In 2016-17, the Arts Co-op Program and the UBC Department of History began a pilot for a History PhD Co-op Program.

Now, in 2020-21, we are piloting the PhD Co-op option for Philosophy, Germanic Studies (CENES), and Gender, Race, and Social Justice.

Through Co-op, PhD students will build valuable skills and experience that will extend and enrich their career options in both academic and alternative workplaces.

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How Co-op Works

  • How does the Program work?
  • Who’s running the Program?
  • What fees do co-op students need to pay?
  • How much will I make while on co-op?
  • What if I’m an international student?
  • How will my degree be affected?

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Employers & Roles

  • Where might I be working?
  • Where can I get more information?

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Apply for Co-op

  • Who’s eligible to apply?
  • What’s the timeline?
  • Why should I apply to Co-op?
  • Who should NOT apply?

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