Employers & Roles

We expect that PhD students will be most interested in (and most attractive to employers in) the following fields:

  • Communications / public relations
  • Academic administration
  • Governmental and non-governmental organization (NGO) research positions
  • Training management
  • Project management

Co-op employers gear their offers specifically to short-term projects. A reasonable percentage of the postings will be in other cities, so you will have more employment options if you are able to relocate.

The Arts Co-op Program already offers graduate Co-op programs through UBC iSchool (Library, Archival and Information Studies) and UBC Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA), and is recruiting additional employers interested in PhD students from English and History. A number of employers are already very interested in hiring English and History PhD students.

As a co-op student, you get the experience of looking for and applying to positions which might be interesting to you from the Co-op Jobs Database. Co-op organizes the interviews for you, and employers decide who they want to hire.