After completing her co-op term at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre library, Yvette has grown her skills in data management and collection development that will help her feel confident in future careers.

Going into her co-op experiences with an open mind and powerful self drive helped Joanne pave a path to the public sector in a unique role as a Service Designer.


Not only does Ali now have greater confidence and a better understanding of his career objectives, he has also been able to lay the ground work for potential employment opportunities post-graduation.

Through co-op, Sarah has had the opportunity to work in a variety of sectors with different companies and has figured out what she values in a position beyond the job description.

2011 Student of the Year winner Sophia Kim says her co-op experiences at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada helped to land her “dream job” at the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco/Silicon Valley.

Simon credits both his classes and co-op for preparing him for the workplace. His Sociology background, coupled with the experience and skills gained through his co-op work terms, gave him the confidence to relocate and find work in a new country post-graduation.

Peter Lee worked at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) for his co-op terms, which closely aligned with his own studies and his future career goals.

Oliver began his career as an Arts Co-op student, working at Muscular Dystrophy Canada, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, and UBC Enrolment Services.

Krystyna Nowak was honoured as the 2014 iSchool (SLAIS) MLIS Co-op Student of the year for work term with BGC Engineering. As the Student Librarian at BGC Engineering, Krystyna’s responsibilities ranged from delivering in-depth research and research analysis services to BGC employees, providing new employees with orientation to the library, and completing an entire redesign of the library’s intranet site.

Julia’s Co-op experience has been very rewarding as she has had the opportunity to explore many industries on a local, national and international scale, from non-profit to government. Julia worked at the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Communication Canada, and Foreign Affairs Canada during her time in Co-op.