Jessica Woolman went into co-op wanting to dabble in as many areas as she could, and her experiences helped her choose what work she found the most satisfying.

Azar would “fully recommend the Arts Co-op Program at UBC. The staff is excellent and very helpful, the job postings are challenging and relevant, and the continual networking opportunities will last many years down the road towards a successful career after graduation.”

As a result of her co-op term, Danielle notes that she is a step ahead in terms of reaching her career goals: “My co-op undoubtedly provided me with an opportunity to explore my interest in collections and technical services, opened doors for further work opportunities, and propelled me forward on my career path.”

Two of Phil Casey’s former Co-op employers have made unofficial offers to have Phil return to them post-graduation. That’s probably at least partly why Phil says that “doing a Co-op degree was the smartest choice I made at UBC!”

According to Commander Chris Hadfield, Eva “made a huge difference in the success of [his] spaceflight through her bright and creative support, endless patience, hard work and sense of fun’! Her work at the Canadian Space Agency helped her discover a new passion, space psychology, and put her transferable skills to work.

Alice credits Arts Co-op for “the opportunity to see how Canadian history directly impacts government policy and legislation in the 21st century” and the value of studying History.

Often, Arts students struggle to transition their academic skills into workplace success. Greg states, “Co-op is a way to bridge this gap.”

Morrell Andrews received an honourable mention for the 2016 Arts Co-op Undergraduate Student of the Year Award. She was recognized for her co-op term as the Desk Officer for Global Affairs Canada, where her manager described her work as “above and beyond what would be normally expected of an undergraduate intern.”

Anjali, a Bachelor of International Economics student, shares her co-op work experience at Illuminate Consulting Group in San Francisco.